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The Bridges Program will enable students, ages 18-21 with developmental disabilities, to bridge the gap between youth and adulthood. We are able to provide opportunities for these fabulous individuals to demonstrate independence, responsibility and citizenship while completing the activities within the program.  We have developed a program that will facilitate learning both in a home setting and within the community.  The community, in turn, will provide opportunities to advance the students’ learning and enhance their quality of life.

Over the past few years, it has become apparent that to gain the most independence, these individuals need to begin experiencing adult life without the structured school supports they have relied upon for years.  Because of this need, District #201 has developed several partnerships with community organizations which have fostered the learning and development of the students within the Bridges Program.  

The Bridges Program can essentially be divided into four sectors: employment, community service, community education, and life skill development. This off-campus facility will provide a natural environment for students with developmental disabilities to learn the skills needed to live everyday life.  Learning the valuable skills taught throughout all four sectors of the program will undoubtedly increase the quality of life for all students served within the program.

It is because of our strong community partnerships that we are able to provide our students opportunities to be contributing members of society.  The Bridges Program is an innovative, cutting edge concept; one that will be a model for other transition programs across Illinois.  Currently, there is no program of this caliber in the region.  The program is aligned with the philosophy and mission of District #201, which is to provide all students with quality education and lifelong learning skills necessary to meet tomorrow’s challenges.

Contact Information:
Robyn L. Lewis
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