Welcome to Mr. Padgett's Web Page!

Welcome to Mr. Padgett's Web Page for US History and World Geography. Please use the following website to stay updated on your student's progress.


Also, a note of caution. When you check grades on STI, any grade that has not been enterred yet will show up as missing. That does not necessarily mean that they did not do the assignment. It is possible that we have not yet completed that assignment or I have not enterred into the gradebook.

Further, if you send me an email from STI, I will not be able to return it to you. Therefore, please either include your personal email address or send the email from your personal email address.


Mr. Padgett
Contact Information:
    Belleville Township High School East
    ATTN: Mr. Keith Padgett
    2555 West Blvd.
    Belleville, IL 62221




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