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     This website is designed for the Belleville East Social Studies Department to interact  with students, parents, and the educational community.  You will find additional information on our department's philosophy, course offerings, links, and extra-curricular activities.    

Parent/Student Portal to the Online Grade System

     Effective with the 2009-2010 school year, District 201 has a new student management system. This system contains a new Parent/Student Portal. The new portal will allow you to view various aspects of your student's records, including grades and attendance information. In addition, all student members of a family will be visible through a single login account.  


     In order to use the portal, we must have your e-mail address on file in the class office. The Parent/Student Portal User Request Form was included in the summer mailing packet. If you did not receive the form, it is available here for you to complete and return to the class office.

     Your username will be your e-mail address. Your password will be e-mailed to you as soon as the class office processes your form. If you lost your password, you may click the "Forgot your password?" link and a new password will be e-mailed to you.

      As you are aware, grades can fluctuate on a daily basis throughout the semester.  Teachers try to update student grades in SIS every few weeks.  Please keep in mind that the semester grade that is posted in December and/or May is the grade that becomes part of your child's permanent record.    

     For more information about individual teacher classrooms, please visit the teacher webpages of our staff or contact them through e-mail or phone. 

Mr. Appel           dappel@bths201.org   222-3700 ext. 4604
Mr. Blomberg   tblomberg@bths201.org   222-3700 ext. 4712
Mr. Creek          jcreek@bths201.org     222-3700 ext. 4465
Mrs. Guest        mguest@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4715
Mrs. Hoerner   khoerner@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4424
Mr. Holcomb   fholcomb@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4437
Mrs. Kloever   kkloever@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4707
Mr. Lane          jolane@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4462
Mr. Larsen      mlarsen@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4463
Mr. Loehring  bloehring@bths201.org  222-3754  Department Chairman
Mr. Mason      mmason@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4427
Mr. Maue        rmaue@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4401
Mr. Novaria   mnovaria@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4512
Mr. Padgett   kpadgett@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4440
Ms. Peterson cpeterson@bths201.org 222-3700 ext. 4460
Mr. Presson   rpresson@bths201.org   222-3700 ext. 4777
Mrs. Schulte  aschulte@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4727
Mrs. Seipp     aseipp@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4496
Mr. Vallem    dvallem@bths201.org  222-3700 ext. 4790

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