Precalculus / Trig
Precalculus/Trigonometry 7-8
       This course is designed for seniors who want to better prepare themselves for performance in college level mathematics including calculus. This course covers college algebra, trigonometry, functions, sequences, series, probability, pre-calculus, conics and other additional concepts. Graphing calculators are required.
       Teachers - Mr. Lodes, Mr. Hickey, Mr. Osborn, Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Sternberg
Precalculus/ Trigonometry 7-8 Honors
       This honors level course completes the strong foundation a student needs for rigorous college level mathematics. Although topics from various disciplines are studied, a strong emphasis is placed on calculus related topics. The course concludes with an introduction to calculus. Graphing calculators are required.
      Teacher - Mrs. Evans, Mr. Osborn

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