Mu Alpha Theta
 mu alpha theta 
Mu Alpha Theta is a nationally recognized Math Honor Society run out of offfices at the University of Oklahoma.
Its purpose is to promote scholarship, foster enthusiasm and render service in the field of mathematics.
Belleville East students are eligible for application once they have completed at least six semesters of mathematics through Algebra 5-6. To be inducted into the society, members must meet a specific high math GPA with no Cs or Ds, teacher recommendations, and have completed at least one semester of math at Belleville East.
Once inducted, members earn service points by attending meetings, assisting students with tutoring, and providing activities for Junior High Math Contest.
If a member earns enough service points by the time they graduate, they will wear a graduation cord, the color of the honor society, at graduation. This is a very high honor and should be congratulated on their achievement.
For any questions regarding Mu Alpha Theta, please see Mrs. Fields, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Rygelski.
For a link to the national site please go to


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