Introduction to Algebra
Introduction to Algebra 1-2(Title)
        This course emphasizes the fundamental operations with whole numbers, decimals and fractions of both positive and negative numbers. Basic Algebra skills are introduced throughout the year.
  Teachers of Intro Alg. 1-2 (title) - Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Schrader, Mrs. Brown
Introduction to Algebra 1-2
        This course is the first year of a two year course for freshmen that want to take Algebra but need additional work in the fundamentals of basic arithmetic skills. Topics inclued real numbers, polynomials, exponents, equations, inequalities, rational expressions and graphing.
Teachers of Intro to Alg. 1-2 -Mr. Ashley, Mrs.  Evans,Mrs. Schrader, Mrs. Brown, Mrs. Korte
Introduction to Algebra 3-4(Title)
        This course is a continuation of the first year course. Algebra skills involving equations, graphing, rational expressions, and exponents are included in the curriculum.
   Teachers of Intro to Alg. 3-4 (Core) - Mrs. Korte
Introduction to Algebra 3-4
       This course is the second year of the two year Algebra program. Students will review basic concepts from the first year and continue with polynomial products, factoring, equations, quadratic equations and rational expressions.
   Teachers of Introduction to Algebra 3-4 - Mr.Byrne, Mr. Osborn, Mr. Patton, Mrs. Sanders, Mrs. Rygelski

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