To use a calculator/ To not use a calculator that is the question?????
Many students have become quite dependent on using a calculator that they can not perform simple time saving calculations in their head. They always reach for their calculator first. As teachers, we try to limit the dependency whenever possible, however, many problems become quite cumbersome without the use of a calculator.
For all classes up to Algebra 5-6, a basic function calculator such as a TI - 30 II XS is acceptable and recommended, however if you wish to purchase a graphing calculator you may use that as well. By purchasing a graphing calculator as a Freshman assures you will get the most use out of it for its cost.
For Algebra 5-6H, Precalc/Trig, Precalc/Trig H and Calculus graphing calculators are required. We recommend Texas Instrument brand of calculators because many of the textbooks explain problems using these calculators.  TI - 83, TI - 84 Plus, TI - 84 Silver Edition are excellent choices. TI - 82 and TI - 85 are becoming obsolete but are still useful. Students will not be allowed to use a TI - 89 or a TI -92. Casio makes a nice calculator as well, but teachers are not as familiar with its usage. Ultimately it is the student's responsibility to understand the workings of the calculator they choose.

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