Algebra 1-2
Algebra 1-2
          This course is the study of algebraic operations with real numbers. Also included in the course, solving linear and quadratic equations and inequalities, exponents, polynomials, functions, graphs and rational expressions and equations. This course is designed for the student that is good with math.
     Teachers -Mr. Ashley, Mrs. Peters, Mrs. Evans, Mrs. Rygelski, Mrs. Korte, Mrs. Stierwalt
Algebra 1-2 (Honors)
         This course covers the same material a Algebra 1-2 but with increased speed, depth and difficulty of problems. Numerous supplemental topics are included in the curriculum, including matrices and conic sections. This course is for students who love math and are in the upper 10% on a nationally standardized math test.
      Teacher - Mr. Hickey, Mr. Patton

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