Group Discussions

Social Work/Counseling Group Descriptions

If you feel that your son or daughter at East might benefit from one of these group offerings, please contact Mrs. Logston or Mrs. Hill in the East Counseling Office.  You may view the meeting dates and times for these groups on our Calendar page.

Social Skills Group: Identifies and addresses skill deficits in the area of social skill behaviors.  Provides education and practice for skills necessary to make a positive first impression and to display polite, respectful behaviors with others. 

Wise Guys Group: Group conducted by representative from The Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation, Male Involvement Program.  Different topic introduced each session.  Focus on self-discovery, values, decision making, and healthy relationships.  Contains materials on self-responsibility in the area of sexual development. Parent permission required to attend group.

Teen Mothers: Two different groups conducted on this topic.  One by representative from The Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation, another by representative from the St. Clair County Health Department.  Assists pregnant teen moms in developing parenting skills, facilitates healthy pregnancy behaviors and connects new moms with area resources.

“Just Us Girls” Girl Group: Co-facilitated by representative from the Violence Prevention Center of Southwestern Illinois. This group provides opportunity to discuss characteristics of healthy relationships and promotes positive choices to solve dating dilemmas, peer conflicts or issues related to violence in the home or elsewhere.

Choices Group: Group provides format for identifying barriers to school success and problem solving strategies to over come them.

Transition Group: Focus on effective problem solving skills, anger management and peer relations. 

Asperger Group: Co-facilitated by social worker and speech/language pathologist, focus on social skills and peer relationships.

Teen Aged Grief (TAG) Group:  Group facilitated by representative of Heartlinks Program with Family Hospice.  Addresses the unique grief issues teens face as they cope with the death of a family member or friend.

Smart Girls Group: Sponsored by Southern Illinois Healthcare Foundation and their representatives, the Smart Girls Life Skills Training Curriculum targets teen girls and is designed to prevent adolescent pregnancy by teaching and encouraging participants to explore their attitudes, feelings and values about self esteem, relationships, dating and sexual behavior to promote healthy decision making.  Parental permission required to attend.


CAREER CRUISIN': This group is for students who want to explore possible career paths after leaving East.  We do career interest inventories, as well as in-depth college searches.  We use very helpful Web sites such as and, among others.  These groups are held  during the first half of lunch hours (3A, 4A, 5A).  Sign up in the Counseling Office or see Mr. Wilder or Mrs. Malone if you have questions.

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