Career and Technical Education

Brenda Kelley, Chairperson

The Career and Technical Education Department (CTE) consists of programs of career development in the areas of Business Education, Family Consumer Sciences, and Industrial Technology.  These programs contain articulated sequences of coursework to help students get a clear vision of their future.  Many CTE courses put academics to work in an applied manner while teaching workplace skills.  CTE provides students access to education, skills, and workplace learning experiences and demonstrate why all three are important to future success.  CTE courses permit students to explore choices they may not have known were available.  Tech Prep Career Pathway courses give students opportunities to earn college credits while in high school saving future tuition dollars, completing college course requirements earlier, and leading to postsecondary educational opportunities.  CTE courses fulfill Workplace Skills & Career Development Competencies which are aligned with the Illinois Learning Standards and help provide students the skills necessary to succeed in the technological world of the 21st century. 

In order to earn dual credit through SWIC, for those courses indicating dual credit opportunities available, each student must turn 16 years of age prior to the end of the semester for the course in which they are enrolling in dual credit.  


Industrial Education

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